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I am Akhilesh, a naturalist, wildlife filmmaker and editor.

With a passion for exploring, filming, and studying wildlife, I have had the opportunity to venture into some of India's most remote and unique landscapes that very few have the chance to experience. Yet, throughout my journey, I have recognized a significant disparity between the world of wildlife ecology research and the general public. Through my work, I aim to bridge this gap and make a meaningful contribution to the field of conservation. To achieve this, I often work with researchers and NGOs to produce content that not only showcases the reality of conservation efforts but also inspires others to take action.

This website is not just a platform to portray my work, but a small step towards a big dream.

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If you have any thoughts or suggestions about my work, I’d be more than happy to hear them out!


Have a project in mind that we could collaborate on? Drop me an email on or send a message on Instagram @akhileshtambe 

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